Household Gods-LKN, David Pajo (Slint), Vern Rumsey (Unwound), Conan Neutron (Replicator) and LKN

Household Gods: David Pajo, Vern Rumsey, Conan Neutron, LKN


The Household Gods record is available for pre-order today on bandcamp:
If you want to pre-order it (the other songs are mastering now), you can. And our favorite song is available to stream/buy now.

All of the songs were written and recorded on-site at Rancho De La Luna studio in Joshua Tree, California. There are 11 of them.

No expectations, no rules, no problem.

The whole record, Palace Intrigue, is dedicated to the memory of Lauren K. Newman (LKN) 1978-2019, a bright and shining star. We love her and miss her very much and we speak her name.
Rest In Power.

Music is a Gift, Rock and Roll For Life.

Thank you to James RobbinsSteven Henry FiskScott EvansChristopher Williams Bob Weston Shane Hochstetler and Dave Catching. It took a long time to get this together, and we really couldn’t have done it without a bunch of really great people being very giving with their time and pitching in to bring this crazy, wild, weird beast into life. It is our intention to honor our friend Lauren, but putting together something really wonderful and fitting for a last recording of such a monster player and human. and we hope that we have done that.

Pics by Dave Catching.